Real Estate Investing Strategies

Get a detailed overview of all the different real estate investing strategies. James covers all the creative financing strategies including owner financing, wrap financing, subject-to, lease-options, lease-purchases, rent to own, loan assumption, agreement-for-deed and more. He then covers traditional buy-and-hold investing including short-term rentals. Then dives deep into all the variations of the Nomad™ real estate investing strategy and house hacking. He discusses fix and flips and BRRR/BRRRR plus wholesaling and wholetailing. And finished up with discussions on options, option-auctions, REITs, tax liens, tax deeds and real estate partnerships.
James walks you through all the different real estate investing strategies available to real estate investors and real estate entrepreneurs in St Petersburg, Florida.

This was a live class recorded to give investors a solid qualitative overview of all the different real estate investing strategies.

Watch the video version of this class and download the handouts from the live in-person version:

Additional Resources

The following are additional resources mentioned in the class recording:

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Real Estate Investing Strategies
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